Delivery zone

A WOMAN WE LOVE - G2TO delivers to countries:

 Time limit

 The delivery time is clearly indicated to you in your basket summary, even before you validate your payment.

 The delivery of your package depends on three elements:

  All orders placed are processed at our factory directly in Asia with whom we have been working for 20 years now.

      We then prepare your package upon receipt of the truck. As soon as it is ready, we will ship it to you via DHL or CneExpress, our partners. We will then send you an email confirming this shipment as well as the tracking number of your package. This number allows you to follow the progress of the delivery on the following links

 Depending on your delivery country, delivery takes on average 10 to 15 working days with CneExpress and 5 to 7 days with DHL. You can select what suits you best when you order.

Important: for reasons of security of your purchases, it is not possible to modify the delivery address of a current order.

Shipping fees

On A WOMAN WE LOVE, delivery costs are always indicated before payment.

These costs may vary depending on several criteria:

      the number of items in your order

      the weight and volume of the package

      the fragility of the items ordered

      the country of destination

In all cases, the amount of shipping costs is clearly indicated even before validating your payment, on the summary page of your basket.

In case of absence for delivery:

If you are absent, a delivery notice will be sent to your mailbox indicating either a second attempt at hand delivery the next day, or provision:

 at the nearest post office.

-At your home,

- With a third party (guardian, neighbor, etc.), or

- At the nearest post office.

If your package is damaged: our advice and recommendations

 Never accept a package that is visibly damaged (traces of opening and/or deterioration).

 If a damaged package has been received without complaint, it will be considered “accepted as is”. It is imperative to submit a complaint at the time of receipt, otherwise we will not be able to take your request into account with the carrier.

Our package preparation procedures are strict and guarantee defect-free packages. Check the warranty strips that seal your package carefully, they must still be in place.

If you have to have the package received by a third party, pass on these tips and recommendations to them.

Return a product

Return conditions :

If part or all of your order does not suit you, you have 14 days from receipt to return it to us. If the return is made after this period (the carrier's stamp is taken as proof) we will be able to refuse the package and return it to you.

You can make a request by email to our customer service, using the form provided on the “Contact” page of the site. You will receive your return voucher by email as soon as possible.

Return the items to us using “tracked shipping”

You will thus be able to have guarantees and follow its proper delivery. Carefully follow the instructions that we will give you in the response to your return request. In particular, items must be returned in perfect condition and in their original packaging.


After receipt and verification of the items returned by us, you will receive an email informing you of acceptance of the return. We will then issue a refund by directly crediting your bank account. This will be effective within a maximum period of 15 days, unless you have a deferred debit card. In this case, the reimbursement will take place at the end of the following month. In the event of an abnormal delay, do not hesitate to contact your bank or A woman we love customer service via the form provided in the “Contact” section.

 If the reason for return is due to an error on our part

Every week, A WOMAN WE LOVE offers you articles. There may be a labeling or packaging error, but we take every precaution to avoid this for you. If unfortunately you encounter this type of error, we will naturally reimburse you the price of the returned products as well as the shipping costs incurred to send them back to us.

If the reason for return is not due to an error on our part

Return costs and possible risks linked to transport are your responsibility.

Our customer service is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except public holidays.